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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

tips super cool: iqbal's guidance to fun karaoke time!!

baru pulang karaoke yang kedua kali dalam seminggu ini (padahal minggu ini baru 2 hari..berartii....pikir sendiri deh)

this time i was forced by my friend, because they want to redeem a 1 hour free pas at nav ciwalk. But as usual (and predicted), we managed to miss the redeem hour just by minutes (we just need another reason to go karaoke-ing hahahahaha)

the 4 of us guys - mc, me, didi and sarip- (i know what you're thinking!! this is not a gay activity. were just friends that...umm..aahh..euu. we're just friends ok!) have only 6 minutes to make it on time to ciwalk from ITB. (4 minutes is the madonna and JT song -another unimportant piece of information, you may skip reading this).

based on my karaoke experience (ciee udah kaya expert aj si gueeeh)..to have a fun karaoke time is to
  • go with friends that you know very well, dont pick strangers you find on your way there dont even talk to them!! -as my mother always says (d film2 sih iya).
  • find a suitable room, not too crowded -like 9 people in a medium room- or too spacious -5 people in a large room- i've been on both situation, and i think it wasnt comfortable. Well the later one maybe is just ok, but it's expensive!!
  • go crazy!! dance, yell, rap, everything!! pick various type of song.
  • choose song that everyelse know, you dont want to sing by yoursef, dont you *di?? hahaha peace brader.
  • calculate your time! every time i go karaoke-ing (hahaha kata naon sih ini??) everyone always queue many songs without limitations. But i really think that there everyone sould get equal chance of picking songs, maybe 2 or 3 per (haduh lupa gueeh bahasa inggrisny) person.
  • enjoy every song!! dont *maen stop seenak dewe (g bisa menemukan dalam bahasa inggris yang pas soulny dapet dengan kalimat ini). except you have a very nasty phobia.
i hope you enjoy your precious karaoke time!! as i always did
kata gw mah yaah "be confident! cuek aj"


  1. waduh bal.ko lu bakal nebak orang mikir kalo itu gay activity si.jangan salting gt dong..ntar makin dicurigai kalo ...............

    yakin just friends?


  2. hmmm
    best friends deh...

    gmn?mantap kan tips ny..