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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

1# StarWars: Tale of Bounty Hunters

Title : StarWars: Tale of Bounty Hunters
Description : five stories of the galaxy's most ruthless bounty hunters..by the finest writers of science fiction
Publisher : Bantam Books
Reviewer's Note: i got this book with a very good deal, only Rp 24.000,00

which one of u who doesn't know starwars?? at least u've watch the movie right? an epic by george lucas, now has been an expanded universe of variuos planets, species and tales of its own. on this particular novel tells us the story of six different bounty hunters. bounty hunters are maybe equivalent with ghost hunters in Indonesia (hahahahaha) but with more advanced, high tech equipment, and are well dressed (hahahahha again). so let me introduce u to our bounty hunters!! first i give the complicated IG-88 and his brothers, Dengar a.k.a Payback, Bossk a Trandoshan bounty hunter, the Gand findsman Zuckuss, 4-LOM overwrote droid and the mandalorian Boba Fett (cool nickname huh??i give them all by myself..hehehe). this five different stories intertwined(i dont if have it spelled correctly) in the same plot, where Darth Vader(the cool dark jedi in the black armor) summon all of them to catch Han Solo and the millenium falcon.
lets just start one by one

1. IG-88 story, IG-88 is an assasin droid wih sophiscated programming that it can even gained control of himself and even other machine. the droid thinks highly of himself, he always thinks that they're better than human, which later proven wrong by Boba Fett (hahaha take that!! human rules!!). the last of the series, the original (they have four series IG-88A, B, C, and of course D) IG-88A uploaded his consciousness to the computer core of the Death Star and become one with the Death Star, but before it can do anything it was destroyed by the Rebel Alliance. poor thing...hahahaha Moral of the story: beyond mountains, there are greater mountains (halllahhhh)

2. Tale of Dengar, Dengar is human rival of Han solo, in his younger year he had an accident when racing with Solo and hated him ever since. in this story he founds his lover an Aruzan named Manaroo who can share memories and emotion with another using an attanni. which is very contrast with dengar that cannot show his emotion, after the accident (the imperial who saved him experiment on him, making him a excellent hunter but removed some of his emotions such as love and fear). later in the story dengar will save boba fett from death by the mighty sarlacc and later on marry Manaroo. so lovely... moral of the story: THERE IS such things as true love!!

3. Tale of Bossk; Bossk is a trandoshan sworn enemy to wookies (chewbacca if u dont know any wookies) he and all of the trandoshan worshipped the Scorekeeper where they give their prized wookies pelt to gain jaganath point. well tell u the truth, i dont really like this story as the others, so we'll just skip it hahhahaha. moral of the story: THERE IS such things as a lame story!!!hahahaha

4. Tale of Zuckuss and 4-LOM: Zuckuss and 4-LOM are bounty hunters partners, Zuckuss is a special Gand species with future prediction ability and 4-LOM is actually a protocol driod who overwrite his own programming and became a professional Bounty Hunter. Gand species only breath amonia and oxygen is very dangerous to them. and unfortunately Zuckuss once breathed oxygen and damaged his lungs, so now he is very weak and needs fast money for new lungs. Wih Zuckuss ability this coupled accomplished many bounty together. but the main purpose of this partnership for 4-LOM is thet he could watch and learn Zuckuss ability and somehow program himself to do that (wew, what a robot!!) and his main goal is to learn the way of the Force!!(who doesn't???). later we will find out who's going to heal Zuckuss and will 4-LOM learn new abilities...Moral of the story: u wont know untill u try and try and try and try......

5. Tale of Boba Fett: this story is rather interesting, it shows u that the first meeting of Boba Fett and Han Solo is way back when Han still young. it tells u about the future, how Boba get his biggest bounty in the universe for capturing the Butcher of Montellian Serat, Kardue'sai'Malloc (im sure i've spell this name right!!) and how he pursue his last ambition -Han Solo, and how he killed the wrong target for the first time in his time!! wew!! Moral of the story: Dont care how clever a squirell jump i will eventually fall...

so i conclude that this book is very good for starwars mania (i played the trading card game too..) that know starwars character, if you dont know anything or not interested with starwars u shouldn't be reading this book!!!

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